A lazy day… 

Here’s the view from our front door this morning:

The only things on our to do list today were:
1) have a fry up for breakfast

2) go for a walk into the next village

3) spend the afternoon sat reading by the river

I haven’t had a fry up since December, and I really fancied one, so we bought all the stuff we needed in Morrisons yesterday. The breakfast was good, but was a bit of a faff cooking the full monty in such a diddy kitchen, so tomorrow we’ll have bacon sarnies for breakfast instead.

Once the washing up was done we went for a walk into Stoke Ferry, about a mile away. The sun was clearing the mist away and it soon warmed up. We got to the village pub just before it opened at 12, and I don’t think I’ve sat outside a pub waiting for it to open since I was a kid! We’d intended to stopping for a coffee, but the weather was so nice we had a cider /lager instead.

We’ve spent the afternoon reading by the river. The only annoying thing was the owner driving up and down on his lawnmower, taking forever to mow the grass. First world problems eh?!

It’s now nearly wine o’clock, we’ve got a prawn salad to look forward to for dinner, and another evening chilling out on the riverside. I could get used to this!


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