We left East Runton this morning, stopping off at Morrisons before driving to tonight’s camp site in Whittington. We did plan to stop for a coffee in Holt or Fakenham, but neither town had a car park which would accommodate our moho. We had to wait until we got to Swaffham, where there was a free car/lorry park.

We found a nice-looking independent coffee shop and had a tea and a coffee, a bargain at £2 – they need to put their prices up! Nowhere took our fancy for lunch, so we walked back to the moho and made a couple of tuna sarnies instead, so a cheap morning out!

Whittington is a rural village near a main road, but there’s not much here at all. The site itself is lovely, and we are parked up right next to the River Wissey (which I hadn’t heard of before). We’ll be here for two nights.

We’ve spent the afternoon sat on the riverside chilling out and reading. We went for a walk along the river earlier, and we’re now relaxing with a glass of wine, waiting for the sun to set. This is the life!

I promised yesterday that I’d post some pics of the inside of the moho, so here goes…


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