A glorious day

The plan for today, if you can call it a plan, was to take a bus into Cromer and go from there, so we were up and out in time to catch the 9:17 into town.

We had a wander round the shopping area and then dropped down to the sea front. The weather was lovely for this time of year, and it was forecast to be the hottest September day for 50 years. There’s a nice pier there so we went for a stroll, stopping for a coffee before checking out the RNLI lifeboat station at the end of the pier. If I ever get into difficulties padding on the Cromer beaches, I know I’ll be in safe hands.

There wasn’t much else to do in Cromer, so we went to check out the local Morrisons. We’ll be stopping by in the moho tomorrow to buy enough food to see us through to the end of the week, but we still bought a few bits and bobs before catching the bus back.

Lunch today was a simple smoked haddock from the smoke house yesterday, and then we vegged out under the awning reading our Kindles. Whilst it was lovely and warm, it was a little overcast and definitely not the 29°C they’d forecast.

Once it had cooled down a little, we went for a walk along the coastal path, calling in at a cafe on the way down to the beach. We had a lovely walk along the beach, then sat watching the tide gently coming in.

Back to base and time to start cooking dinner. The kitchen on the moho is pretty compact: a three burner gas hob, a small gas oven and a sink (I’ll post some pics of the inside of the van tomorrow) . I’ve done most of the cooking so far and haven’t had any problems, though to be fair I haven’t cooked anything that demanding. Tonight’s dinner was a chicken and chorizo paella washed down with a glass or two of red. We’re going to have a go at learning how to play cribbage tonight, should be fun!


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