Learning to drive again! 

Today we both woke up before the alarm went off, so we got up and ready. We’re getting a bit of a routine going now, and I think that’ll be important when living in such a confined space.

Today’s drive was about 50 miles along the A149, following the North Norfolk coast to a village called West Runton, which is between Sheringham and Cromer, where we’ll be staying for two nights.

The A149 started out as a fast single carriageway road, but before long it started to run through small villages, where it transformed itself into a twisty, narrow road. Between the villages it narrowed itself even further, becoming  a single track road in places. Driving a big white box (7.5m long, 2.3m wide and 3m high) along this road got a bit hairy at times, especially when I’m not used to driving a manual gearbox, but we got through safely and without having to do too much reversing (reversing the big white box is really tough!). It really is like learning to drive again.

First stop was Wells-Next-The-Sea, where we parked up in a new-looking car park. We were able to squeeze the moho into a normal parking space with the rear overhanging the grass verge. Wells (we’re on first name terms) is a lovely seaside town with a pretty high street.

A coffee and a short walk later and we were back on the road. We’d wanted to stop off for some lunch at Blakeney, but the village car park wouldn’t accommodate our moho, and so after reversing out we continued on our way, stopping at Cley-Next-The-Sea, which did have a decent sized car park.

Cley is a tiny little village and had a lovely deli selling all sorts of unusual stuff, and also a smoke house selling all kinds of smoked fish. The only eaterie was the George pub, but the menu was outrageously expensive – £9.95 plus 12.5% service charge for a sarnie – so we knocked that on the head and walked back to the smoke house, bought some supplies, and had a yummy smoked salmon salad lunch in the moho.

Back on the road, we wended our way along more twisty narrow lanes until we arrived at Sheringham. We found a space in the car park, or rather two spaces,meaning we had to pay double. There’s a nice promenade along the sea front, and we stopped off for an ice cream and watched the world go by. We didn’t hang around too long though, otherwise we’d have been up for a double parking fine!

The camp site we’re staying at tonight is much bigger than I had thought, loads of caravans and quite a few mohos too, but it’s nice and quiet and we’ve been able to sit outside and chill out.


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