Living the motorhome dream… 

Hello again! We’re back on our travels. This time we’ve hired out a motorhome, and will be spending a week travelling  around Norfolk and Cambridgeshire. We’re planning on buying a motorhome and have seen the model we like, so we thought it would be a good idea to rent one out to try before we buy. 

The rental firm is based in Waltham Cross, and our pick up time was 3pm. We got there at 2pm and were checked in pretty quickly. I had a bit of a panic when I was told that I needed two forms of ID, as I only had my driving licence on me. Fortunately, I was able to log on to our gas/electric company’s website and download a utility bill. Phew! The interweb to the rescue again! 

It was peeing down with rain and so the handover was a bit rushed, but that was good in a way as we were on the road by 3pm. The moho is a Sunlight T68, and is a manual 6 speed. I haven’t driven a manual for yonks, but apart from pulling off in third at the first set of lights, I found it quite easy to adjust, and we were soon cruising up the M11. 

Our first stop is in a small village just outside Ely. We’ve decided to stay on proper campsites this week, while we’re learning the ropes, and the site we’re staying on is pretty good. Our pitch is on a bit of a wonk, so we had to get the levellers out. 

Tonight we went for dinner at the village pub which was good, and now we’re back in the moho surfing t’internet. 

No pics today, it hasn’t stopped raining. The weather’s going to improve tomorrow, so we’ll take some pics and upload them on tomorrow’s blog. We’ll be driving 30 miles up to Dersingham in Norfolk, and would like to stop off in Ely on the way, but that will depend on whether we can park our 7.5 metre vehicle in town. 


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