Phoenix… homeward bound

Well all good things must come to an end… today we drove from Sedona to Phoenix via a couple couple of malls, where we bought a few bits and bobs. All very routine, so no photos today.

The traffic getting into Phoenix was a nightmare, it made the M25 look very tame indeed, and Carol did a great job navigating us from the I17 to the hotel. The hotel is next to the airport, quite a way from downtown. Not wanting to drive through all the traffic again, we took the tram downtown, great value at four bucks each, return.

The downtown area looks to be a business area, and most restaurants had already closed. The only activity going on seemed to be the MLB baseball, where the Arizona Diamondbacks were hosting the Colorado Rockies. We did however find a Vietnamese restaurant, and the spring rolls on the menu sounded delicious, so we ate there and weren’t disappointed.

We’re now sat in the hotel bar, our packing all done, not looking forward to tomorrow. Travel days are always dull, and tomorrow is going to be Dullesville Arizona (apologies to Reggie Perrin), a very long day, as our flight isn’t until 7:30pm and so there will be lots of hanging around. We land at LHR at about 1:30pm on Sunday so won’t get home until tea time, but at least it’s a bank holiday on Monday. Still, mustn’t complain, we’ve had a terrific time over here… we’ve seen and done all we wanted to and more, and would definitely recommend it to anyone.

This is the last blog post for now, we’ve enjoyed writing it, and we’ll do another blog on our next big adventure, whenever that may be. Thanks for following, and we hope you enjoyed reading about our adventures.


One thought on “Phoenix… homeward bound”

  1. Great blog, Carol & Mike. I’ve really enjoyed reading about your travels & seeing the fantastic photos. Hope the journey home goes smoothly. Take care. See you soon. Love Chris. xxx


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