Another sandstorm…

Last night was our last of six in Moab. We had an excellent time there, and the B&B we stayed at was superb, I would definitely recommend it. Six days was just about right, giving us time to do all we wanted without being rushed. Moab is a lovely town as well, plenty of shops and restaurants, though I suspect the place pretty much closes down in winter.

We packed up all our stuff after breakfast and loaded the car, then drove to the gas station to fill up. The stuff’s ridiculously cheap, by my reckoning about £2.15 a gallon, or 43p a litre. I could afford to fill up with premium unleaded instead of regular if I wanted to, just to show off! Here you either pay by card at the pump, or go inside and pre-pay. I’ve already filled up a couple of times without any fuss, pre-paying by swiping my credit card at the pump, but the one we stopped at this morning insisted that I entered my zip code, so I had a bit of a swear and we found another petrol station which didn’t want my zip code (I shall be avoiding Phillips 66 gas stations from now on!).

We’ve now moved on to Monument Valley, a 150 mile drive. There’s a village North of here called Mexican Hat… see if you can guess how it got its name :


There’s a really bad sandstorm going on. We stopped the car in Monument Valley to take a photo of where Forrest Gump stopped running:


and I had to get back into the car sharpish to dodge the sand. I’m surprised there’s any paint left on the car.


We’ve checked into the hotel, and we have a premium cabin with an unobstructed view of Monument Valley… here’s the view from our balcony.


We’re just off to the restaurant now, where they serve traditional Navajo food, and tonight I’ll be having the mutton stew. Then we’ll return to our cabin to watch the sunset. Hopefully the wind will subside, and tomorrow we’ll be up just before 6 to watch the sunrise, fingers crossed!


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