A night at the Bistro

A quick food update…

We had a lovely meal at the Desert Bistro. Definitely the best restaurant in Moab. We were seated on the terrace at the rear of the restaurant. Not the best view in the world (the car park/parking lot), but it was nice to sit outside. Our waiter was a good guy, really keen on the food.

We both went for the same starter and mains. Starters was the scallops, three each, perfectly cooked with lemons and a tomato, lime and garlic sauce, with a hidden chilli in there. Mains was bison medallions in a mushroom/truffle sauce with ‘twice cooked’ mash and veg.



For dessert, a little birdie had told them that it was someone’s birthday, so Carol’s Key Lime pie came with a candle. I went for the chocolate mousse which went down well. All this was washed down with a lovely Argentinian Malbec Reserva. A good time had by all!



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