Sandstorm in Canyonlands

We’re hearing that there’s another cold snap back in the UK (haha!) . We’ve had a mixed bag here today…   this morning it had cooled a little and it was overcast, then it tried to rain but failed, after which we had 50mph winds before normal service was resumed, the sky cleared and the sun came out.

The plan for today was to visit Canyonlands National Park. There’s no catering in the park, so our cunning plan was to have a lay in and have a late breakfast (brunch) at Denny’s, which would keep us going until the evening. Our plans for the lay in were thwarted by a loud bang of a door down the corridor and a lady with a loud voice which woke us both up. It was only 7:30 grrrrrrr. Neither of us could get back to sleep so we got up.

On the road, it seemed that everyone in Moab had decided to leave town, there was a traffic jam on Main Street, and there were loads of pick up trucks with motor bikes, cycles and All Terrain Vehicles (ATVs) on the back. ATVs are a big thing here right now, they seem to be everywhere, and they’re apparently becoming an issue with the residents in Moab. I’m not surprised, because they don’t half make a racket. Anyway, back to the traffic this morning… the cause was faulty traffic lights at the junction for Denny’s, so we crawled along until we got to Denny’s.

As it’s a Saturday morning, Denny’s was pretty full and we even had to wait 10 minutes for a table. I managed to polish off my Lumberjack Slam with no problems and Carol scoffed her breakfast down too. I even let her have half a pancake with maple syrup (well it is her birthday tomorrow, and I haven’t bought her a present).

Back on the road the traffic had calmed down, and we made it to Canyonlands in good time. First stop was the Visitor Centre where we watched an interesting video about the park. The park is split into three, but only two areas are accessible by car; the Maze area is only accessible to 4WDs and canoes or kayaks. Today we travelled around the Island in the Sky, and tomorrow we will visit the Needles. At first it was really windy and, with it being a desert environment, there was quite a sandstorm going on, but thankfully the wind subsided. Here are some pics… on days like today, only panoramic will do.







We got back to our B&B at 5pm. Tomorrow is someone’s milestone birthday, and Carol being Carol, decided that it was now her birthday, given that it had passed midnight in the UK. She has asked me to publish her official birthday portrait, so here it is.


Tomorrow, I shall give the old girl the pleasure of updating the blog.


One thought on “Sandstorm in Canyonlands”

  1. Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Carol, haaaaaappppy birthday to you. Have a wonderful day. Lots of love to you both. Xxx


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