An expedition to Torrey

Last night was our last in Tropic, just outside Bryce Canyon National Park, and we had a great three days there. The log cabins we stayed in were spacious and comfortable, and we had some excellent meals at the Bryce Canyon Pines restaurant.

Today we moved North to a town called Torrey, at the top end of Capitol Reef National Park. Route 12 would take us all the way there. We again had a bit of a lay in and made a late start. The WiFi had been a bit temperamental, but I finally managed to upload yesterday’s blog entry before we left, at the fifth attempt. Unsurprisingly the internet connectivity isn’t great in such a rural location.

First stop was Escalante, where we had breakfast in a shack-like cafe. For once there was healthy food on the menu – baked oats with apples and raisins, which tasted so good that I’m going to have a go at making it when we get home.

The road was now climbing into the mountains, getting higher and higher. We stopped off at Boulder for a coffee, and we were starting to get worried about the weather in Torrey as we had only been checking forecasts for Moab before the holiday, and hadn’t packed any winter clothing. When walking back to the car, there were two cyclists after lifts to Torrey, as there was snow ahead and they didn’t have their knobbly tyres on, so we were by now thinking that we’d have to buy ourselves winter coats.

We continued our journey, and the more we climbed, the more the snow on the ground. At one point, a good foot of snow covered half the road, briefly turning it into a single lane. The elevation peaked at 9,600 ft before starting the descent into Torrey. The scenery was great, and we stopped off a couple of times to admire the view and take some photos.




As we descended into Torrey the snow thankfully cleared and the conditions returned to normal, and we breathed a sigh of relief that we wouldn’t need to buy a new winter coat each. It was too early to check into our accommodation, so we made our way to the visitor centre for Capitol Reef, where we watched a film about the park and picked up a map to plan what to do tomorrow. The scenery in Capitol Reef is spectacular, it’s like driving across the set of a cowboy film.






We checked into the motel, and have another lovely room. We went for a walk earlier and booked ourselves in for dinner this evening at a great looking restaurant, popping in for a cheeky glass of wine. They have a law in Utah that you can only order alcohol with food. Before today we’ve had a fruit salad and chip n’ dip with our mid-afternoon refreshments, and today we had ice cream. Bonkers really, but rules is rules!

Carol’s been a bit shy so far with blog contributions, so tomorrow you’ll be hearing all about our adventures in Capitol Reef from her.


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