A mystery tour…

Some of the restaurants around here have place mats showing beauty spots and attractions outside of the National Parks of southern Utah. With the weather still being very cold, we decided to go on a mystery tour based on some of the places recommended.

The log cabin we’re staying in is great – it’s nice and roomy with a huge bed, so much better than the last place we stayed at. We had a lay in this morning, so made a late start.

First stop was Panguitch, sat on Highway 89. I love driving through small town America because of towns like this one, with ramshackle houses along Main Street next to Western-style shops, and motels from the 50’s and 60’s which would need more than a lick of paint to restore them to their former glory.



At the end of Main Street was the Flying M diner, from the same era as the motels, and this is where we stopped for breakfast. We’d agreed that we’d skip lunch today, and so a large breakfast was ordered and eaten (don’t look Mum!). God knows why, but breakfast was served with half a slice of orange… like that makes it a healthy option!



We had planned to go for a walk back up Main Street, but there was a bitterly cold wind, so we got back in the car and headed up Highway 89. This has to be my favourite US highway as the scenery is wonderful, and most of the time the traffic is very light, making it possible to switch on the cruise control at an easy-going pace and admire the ever-changing panorama through the windscreen.

Next stop was the “Butch Cassidy Homestead” where the notorious villain allegedly grew up.  It isn’t signposted, but we found it anyway, and it is in a very good condition considering its age and exposed location.


The rest of the ‘tour’ was driving along scenic views which we both enjoyed, and there were next to no cars on the road. At one point we drove for half an hour without seeing another car.

It was now mid-afternoon, and we decided to return to Bryce Canyon for one last time to see the hoodoos again, and to go to the scenic viewpoints which we couldn’t see yesterday because of the snow. I don’t think I could ever get bored of seeing the hoodoos.





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