Snow and sub-zero in Bryce

The weather reports warned that there may be snow today, but when we looked out this morning the sun was trying to break through the clouds, so we decided to go back to Bryce Canyon and take one of the trails descending into the canyon.

We both had three layers on, preparing for it to be a bit cold, but when we got out of the car it was bloody freezing. We didn’t expect it to be this cold here and neither of us had brought coats away with us, so we headed straight for the store where Carol bought a sweatshirt and I bought a jacket.

Once we’d donned our new layers we set off down the trail into the canyon, classified as easy, taking us to see Queen Victoria. There was a biting wind, and we were still cold, even with the extra layers. I could have done with my woolly hat, scarf and gloves. The scenery made it worthwhile though, and it was good to get up close to the hoodoos. In the distance we could see the bad weather on its way, so we turned around at the end of the trail and headed back. The climb to the top was knackering… good job we didn’t try one of the more adventurous trails.

We got back to the car and drove to the park restaurant for lunch, and we could see the snow start to fall, getting heavier by the time we left. Our original plan was to drive along to the end of the park, stopping off to admire the views as we went, but with the snow falling and visibility of 100 yards it just wasn’t worth it, so we decided to have a lazy afternoon back at the log cabin we’re staying in, doing some reading and going to the laundromat (as they call them over here).

We’re staying in a remote town and so the internet connectivity isn’t great. I didn’t realise that yesterday’s post didn’t upload, so you’ll see that the same time as you see this.

Tonight, we’ll be going for dinner at the same restaurant as last night as it’s really good, and the only decent one around here. Tomorrow the weather will be much the same, so we’ll be going for a drive around the local area to see amongst other things a ghost town, and the town where Butch Cassidy grew up.






That’s Queen Victoria at the top



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