Hiking in Zion

Our B&B last night and tonight is right next to the Zion National Park. It’s a bit of a bohemian looking place with random furnishings. Our room is very weird… it’s tiny, with no room for a chair, the sink is in the main bedroom, and the shower is in the toilet. There’s a communal lounge area, where you can chill out or chat with other guests.

Last night we went for dinner at the restaurant next door, then came back to the B&B and opened a bottle of wine in the lounge. At 10pm the owner appeared and told us that he was closing up, so we were basically sent to bed. To top it all, the bed is a 4’6″ one which sags in the middle, so neither of us had a great night’s sleep. I don’t think we’ll be rushing back here! The B&B isn’t really a B&B either, as they don’t serve breakfast. Instead, they give you a voucher for breakfast at the restaurant next door,  so we had a nice breakfast there.

We caught the shuttle bus to the park, and spent the day hiking through the park. One of the walks we did was a strenuous climb, but the views over the river valley were worth the effort, and we rewarded ourselves with a massive ice cream each. We must have covered over 10 miles.

We’re now back at the B”&B” chilling out before going for dinner. Will we get sent to bed at 10 again tonight? Or will we be dirty stopouts and bowl back after lights out? You’ll have to tune in tomorrow to find out!







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