On to Zion

One thing I forgot to mention about Page is that it’s a very religious town, as there are no fewer than 12 churches all next door to each other, and there’s even a Jesus Gym.  Parking must be a nightmare on a Sunday morning.

Back to this morning.  We had to make an early start, as we were booked in for a tour of the Antelope Canyon at 10, but we had to check in at 8:30.  The Holiday Inn booking included a complementary breakfast, but this wasn’t as good as it sounded as it turned out that the cooked breakfast on offer was mini cheese omelettes, turkey sausages and beef sausages (both of which were burger-shaped) and sausage gravy (coloured grey). The rest of the selection was just as bad, and Carol was just preparing to settle for a couple of bananas when I remembered that she had mentioned there was a Denny’s in town as we were driving in yesterday.  

A quick lookup on the interweb showed that if we left the hotel straight away, and drove to Denny’s, then we’d have just over half an hour to have breakfast before driving to Antelope Canyon.  Ten minutes later we were in Denny’s, and our server assured us that we’d be done in 30 minutes.  True to her word, breakfast was served very quickly, and my Lumberjack Slam was delicious.

We were out of there in half an hour, and arrived at Antelope Canyon before 8:30. Luckily for us, they were able to put us on the 8:45, so no need to hang around.  The canyon was a 15 minute drive in a 4×4 across some rough sandstone terrain. Our guide then took us through the canyon, and it was amazing in there.

After the tour we got back in the car and drove up towards Springdale, inside Zion National Park, which meant moving from Arizona to Utah. That takes my tally of US states visited to 11, miles behind Dave’s total!  The scenery on the drive was wonderful, and we stopped off for lunch at a 50s diner in Kanabs.

We arrived in Springdale mid-afternoon, and had a mooch around the visitor centre, as tomorrow, we’ll be spending the day in Zion Canyon.








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