What a difference a day makes…

So sang Dinah Washington, and it’s true. The weather yesterday was rubbish, but it was a lot clearer this morning. We went for breakfast at the same Mexican we went to last night, and then drove up to the canyon. There was still some low cloud, but nothing like yesterday, and as time went by the clouds cleared and the sun came out.

The views were awesome, so many shapes and colours, it was stunning. We’d both seen loads of photos of the canyon, but I think you have to see it for yourself to appreciate the scale of it.

Over the course of the morning we made our way along the south rim, the views just getting better and better as the clouds lifted, and the sun shone through.

Our hotel tonight is in Page AZ, which we’d picked as a midway point between the Grand Canyon and Zion National Park. We didn’t know when we booked it that Antelope Canyon is right next door. Dave recommended it to us and it looks fab, so we’re booked in for a tour in the morning.

Tonight we took a cab downtown and went for dinner at Big John’s Texas BBQ. It’s a converted petrol station with communal tables on the forecourt, and a live country band playing. Carol and I both chose the sample dish, a bit of everything. It was superb. We sat next to a French couple who are on a FOUR week holiday. Gits!

Here are a few pics from today.







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