To the Grand Canyon

Neither of us had a great night’s sleep, due to the long day travelling yesterday.  We’d planned to have a lay in this morning, but both of us were awake early so we decided to get up and make an earlier start.  We went for breakfast in the hotel – the usual hotel breakfast buffet fare – and headed off to Walmart to stock up on some essential provisions (ie water, wine, some nuts and chocolate). 

From there we headed up the I17 towards the Grand Canyon, deciding to stop for lunch in Flagstaff. Carol spotted a B-dubs (Buffalo Wild Wings) and, as this was on her to-do list we parked up and had 10 wings each… lush!

Back in the car, we went for a drive through the older part of town, on the ‘Historic Route 66’.  Or, to put it another way, we got completely lost.  A quick reset of the sat nav later, and we were back on our way to the Grand Canyon.  We checked into our hotel in Tusayan, dumping our bags in the room, then drove the five miles to the Grand Canyon.

The weather hasn’t been great today, it’s been raining on and off. Mainly on. We’ve also had thunder, lightning, hail and sleet, and about five minutes of sunshine which came to an abrupt end the moment I put my sunglasses on.

It was tipping down when we got there, so we made for the visitor centre and watched a film all about the canyon, which was very interesting. We then went for a short walk to the rim of the canyon and, to be quite frank, we were very disappointed with the view, it was nothing like you see in all the guide books – have a look at the photos we took. We’ve travelled over 5,000 miles to see the Grand Canyon, but we couldn’t see a bloody thing!

For dinner tonight we went to a Mexican restaurant next to the hotel, and had a fab dinner.  The guacamole was living memory stuff, and the burritos were lush. Reasonably priced too. We might just have to go and try their breakfast buffet tomorrow morning before we go back to the Grand Canyon… fingers crossed that the weather improves, so we can actually see what all the fuss is about!







One thought on “To the Grand Canyon”

  1. Gutted for you about the view of the Grand Canyon being ruined by the weather! Fingers crossed that you gave better luck tomorrow.


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